Joana Krah, the 29-year-old woman arrested recently in Takoradi in the Western Region for allegedly faking her abduction has been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for deceiving a public officer and publication of fake news.

She was sentenced to two years on her first charge of the publication of false news and 6 years on the second charge of deceiving a public officer.

The court presided over by His Honor Micheal Kwodjoe Ampadu said she will serve a 6-year jail term instead.

Before the Presiding Judge sentenced Joana to six years imprisonment, he temporarily adjourned proceedings and asked the police to take Joana to the Takoradi hospital for her to undergo a pregnancy test.

He, therefore, said the court looked at how Takoradi is being destroyed by kidnapping, hence needed to give maximum sentencing to deter others.

He said “In passing the judgement, the court looked at the degree of the prevalence of the crime, considered her age and her character, her three-year-old child as well as being a first time offender coupled with plea. The threat of kidnapping will destroy Takoradi if nothing is done to stop it. The four Takoradi kidnapped girls’ case is fresh in the minds of the people and Takoradi is becoming synonymous with kidnapping, which is not good for the people of Takoradi and the image of Takoradi. It is clear that her action was to personally benefit from kidnapping and her joke of kidnapping was detrimental to Takoaradi and the court thinks the deterrent sentencing must be given“.

Her godfather is in custody of her child.

On Friday, October 22, 2021, she confessed to the police for faking her kidnap in a bid to extort GH¢5,000 from her godfather.

When Joana became aware that her godfather had reported to the Police and an extensive search had commenced to find her, she showed up at the Takoradi Central Police Station on Saturday, October 23, to confess.

She was on Monday, October 25, 2021, arraigned before the Takoradi Habour Circuit Court A, presided over by his honour Michael Kwodjoe Ampoadu.

She has as of Tuesday ,26 October, 2021received a 6yr imprisonment with hard labour.

Story by Hellen Grace (enmoregh.com)

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