A cry for help – Tracy Boakye

I have followed this whole drama and brouhaha surrounding Tracy Boakye for a while now and have arrived at this conclusion. She appears to be strong and happy about her achievements and all. But truth is, sometimes, the people who appear to be the most happiest and strongest are actually the MOST BROKEN.

Single motherhood can be overwhelming on it’s own. Add Postpartum depression and you have Tracy Boakye. There are certain things that money can’t buy. Like the inner strength to deal with the stress of being a new mother, Peace of mind and inner joy.

It is at this point that if your support system is not strong enough, you break down and lose it. People in this state try to seek attention unnecessarily, seek fulfillment in material things, become emotionally unstable, are highly irritable and lose their senses. This young lady is not fine. She has exhibited all symptoms of PPD . But we don’t take mental health issues serious in this country till a person commits suicide at the end.

Tracy Boakye

She might be naturally disrespectful or rude but her behaviour these few days is clearly a loud cry for help. People like her are good at fronting to show the world they have it all together but deep within, they are screaming for help. This is the mother in me speaking.

Before you become judgemental and throw insults, see her with the heart of a loving mother or caring sister, understand her emotionally and psychologically. She is not fine like she says. She needs help!

Abla Titanium writes with love.


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