Accept whatever you have and begin from somewhere – Dr. OKO BOYE

I am a former MP/ former deputy Minister/ former CEO, but i use Iphone 6. I wll never waste money to buy Iphone 12 or promax or whatever.

I will never go to Kimpiski to eat there even as an MP and deputy Minister. I live my life as i used to be as medical doctor.

Make life as simple and not to compare yourself to others. I can’t compare myself to Kennedy Agyapong when it comes to money. So why should I allow myself to be influenced by Kennedy Agyapong when I see him eating at Kempiski? Because we are both MPs so we should live the same lifestyle? No.

Youth of today know all the latest cars in the world, from interior to cost. So when they get a job that could afford them Toyota corrola, they will reject the job offer because they want a job that could offer them latest Benz and Bentley.

Accept whatever you have and begin from somewhere.


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