Creating your perfect spouse

We, humans, have a wonderful capacity to create rich fantasies which often end in disappointment when what we have imagined or expected is not delivered.
Sometimes, The kind of partners we pray for may not come in the exact package we wanted. Some will come and you have to retouch them and mould them to fit your taste.

There’s no prince charming or knight in shining armour coming to save you from your loneliness and anxiety, to rescue you from your feeling of inadequacy! There is no perfect human! Change that perception and open your eyes before you lose your future wife or husband!
This generation and unrealistic things! You don’t want to work, who should work on him for you????
De3 ab3n dada na mop3!

Permit me to use the scenario from the story of Joseph before he rose to fame:

  1. enslaved person
  2. Alleged rapist
  3. Ex-convict
  4. Probably, the head of the prison gang.

How many women would settle for such a man in life prior to his rise to eminence? It’s not like you don’t have many options available. There is a whole world of amazing people out there. Don’t get bogged down with this notion of a perfect guy with clean records as a soulmate. Stop being a superficial, selfish, and prejudiced person! Otherwise, you might end up alone, and you deserve it.”

Anonymous (Tell It All)

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