“Defy the Appointment of a Ga Manye – Traditional Council Issues Bold Directive to the Late Queen Mother’s Family”

In a stern statement released on Monday, the Council underscored that any failure to adhere to this directive would result in severe repercussions. This action is in response to a series of alleged misconducts surrounding the funeral preparations of the late Naa Dedei Omaedru III, involving Charles Nii Kotey Kotey, the Head of the Family, Asafoiatse Kotey-Ga, the children of the late Ga Manye, and the Ga Manye Weku.

The Ga Traditional Council expressed its discontent, stating that the family’s behavior demonstrated disrespect and disregard for the Council and the Chieftaincy Act 2008 (Act 759), which obliges respect for Chiefs and their high regard. The Council regarded their actions as attempts to bring grave embarrassment and disaffection towards the Council.

As a result, the Ga Traditional Council has firmly resolved that, until further notice, there shall be no presentation of any candidate for the enstoolment as Ga Manye. Any contravention of this decree will be met with dire consequences.

Furthermore, the Council revoked its recognition of Nii Kotey Ga as Asafoiatse of Asere Djorshie with immediate effect. As a result, Asafoiatse Kotey-Ga is advised to cease holding himself out as such. The Council has also urged all subjects of Asere Djorshie and throughout the Ga State not to acknowledge him in this capacity.

Lastly, the Council emphasized the importance of collaboration between the family of a Ga Queen mother candidate and the Chief whom she would complement. As such, the Ga Traditional Council has directed that no candidate for the position of Ga Queen mother may be selected for enstoolment without their knowledge and consent.

story by Edinam Adzey

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