Detained patients at Eastern Regional Hospital released

Eastern Regional Hospital calls for broader support for vulnerable individuals

In a much-needed act of compassion, fifteen (15) patients who were detained at the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua due to their inability to settle their medical bills have finally been released to return home. These patients had undergone various medical procedures and were discharged by healthcare professionals but had been unable to reunite with their families for over three weeks.

The breakthrough came when the management of Suzy Herbal Center responded positively to a distress call made by the Koforidua Central Hospital. They generously offered to assist in paying off the accumulated medical bills, which amounted to more than GH¢30,000.

Dr. Foster Amponsah, the Clinical Director at the Eastern Regional Hospital, expressed the toll the situation had taken on the hospital’s operations and the growing congestion it caused. He emphasized the urgent need for corporate Ghana to step forward and extend support to others who continue to be detained at the hospital due to their inability to settle their medical expenses.

Speaking on behalf of Suzy Herbal Center, Charles Obiri, the Public Relations Officer, highlighted the importance of reviewing the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) by the government and the Ministry of Health. This adjustment would address the pressing needs of vulnerable and less privileged members of society, ensuring that they receive the necessary medical care without facing financial hardships.

The release of the detained patients by Suzy Herbal Center not only provides relief to the individuals and their families but also serves as a reminder of the significance of collective efforts in supporting healthcare accessibility and affordability for all. The call to revise the NHIS underscores the importance of continuous improvements to healthcare policies, safeguarding the welfare of the most vulnerable in society.

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