Hushpuppi Slapped With 20 Years Jail Term

Nigerian socialite and famous Instagram influencer “Hushpuppi” known in real life as Ramon Abbas has been slapped with a 20 year jail term.

Court documents filed in California said Hushpuppi’s crimes cost victims almost $24m (£17m) in total.
Hushpuppi has been part of a grand scheme of syndicated online fraudulent activities by creating “phishing websites and emails” to lure bank officials and business financiers looking to fund major projects in the world to divert these monies into their offshore accounts.

In a statement, acting United States Attorney Tracy Wilkinson said Hushpuppi and others faked the financing of the school “by playing the roles of bank officials and creating a bogus website”. They also “bribed a foreign official to keep the elaborate pretense going after the victim was tipped off”.

Hushpuppi until his arrest had about 2.5 million followers on Instagram where he posts regularly pictures and videos of his lavish lifestyle to his fans on his page. Monies directly earned from the illicit dealings of his various scams.

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