Illuminating Neurodiversity: Launch of “Autism and Living” Series by Mrs. Harriet Awuah Agbenowu

In the realm of neurodiversity and special needs education, a remarkable event took place at the Christ the King Parish Hall in Cantoments, Accra on Saturday, 5th August. This event marked the launch of the “Autism and Living” series, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at raising awareness about neurodiversity and highlighting the available support systems. The driving force behind this enlightening endeavor is none other than Mrs. Harriet Awuah Agbenowu, the Founding Director and Chairperson of Sparklers Foundation.

The launch event was graced by a panel of distinguished guest speakers, each possessing a deep understanding of neurodiversity and its implications. Mrs. Serwah Quayenor, Ms. Afi Antonio, and Dr. Mrs. Edna Asamoah-Agyare took the stage as guest speakers, lending their expertise and insights to the audience.

The event provided a platform for attendees to delve into the complexities of neurodiversity and its impact on individuals and families. Mrs. Harriet Awuah Agbenowu, a prominent figure in the realm of special needs education, shared her journey and experiences as both an Assistant Headteacher at a Special Needs school in Surrey, UK, and as a parent of children with Special Needs. Her personal connection to the cause amplifies her dedication to supporting families navigating the challenges of neurodiversity.

Building upon the foundation of her extensive qualifications including FCCT, NPQH, PGCE, MEd SEND, and her pursuit of a Doctorate Research Student title, Harriet’s commitment to understanding and advocating for neurodiversity is unmistakable. Her leadership role at Sparklers Foundation exemplifies her dedication to fostering inclusive education and empowerment for families managing children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Mikhael read a section of the book to the guests

The launch of the “Autism and Living” series signifies a significant step forward in nurturing a more compassionate and inclusive society. Harriet’s vision extends beyond the event, as she utilizes Sparklers Foundation to provide resources, support, and advocacy for families and individuals within the neurodiverse community. This initiative aligns seamlessly with her goal of creating a positive impact on individuals’ lives while fostering a greater understanding of neurodiversity.

As the guest speakers, Mrs. Serwah Quayenor, Ms. Afi Antonio, and Dr. Mrs. Edna Asamoah-Agyare, took to the stage, their collective expertise illuminated the intricate facets of neurodiversity. Their insights reinforced the importance of raising awareness and enhancing available support systems for individuals and families affected by neurodiversity.

In conclusion, the launch of the “Autism and Living” series through the visionary efforts of Mrs. Harriet Awuah Agbenowu and Sparklers Foundation signals a paradigm shift in the conversation surrounding neurodiversity. With distinguished guest speakers sharing their knowledge, the event not only raised awareness but also provided a platform for dialogue and learning. Her journey, coupled with academic achievements and personal experiences, continues to be a guiding light in the pursuit of inclusivity, understanding, and support for the neurodiverse community.

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