Just In: TUTAG Embarks On An Indefinite Strike Action

The Technical University Teachers association has declared an indefinite strike to press home their demands for an equitable remuneration as promised by government.

TUTAG has since 2016 after the conversion from polytechnics to Technical Universities have being subject to very rigid processes including an unstructured staff audit which degraded some of their members to lower ranks.

Government has always found reasons to defer the migration of TUTAG by playing very dodgy and disrespectful games by postponing the migration on countless occasion.


Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we invited you here this morning to share with you the painful developments in relation to the conditions of service for staff of technical universities.

It would be recalled that six (6) polytechnics were converted to Technical Universities (TUs) in 2016, by ACT922. The six Technical Universities continue to receive the conditions of service of polytechnics. In 2018 two (2) more polytechnics were converted to TU through ACT 974 which was an amendment to ACT 922. The eight (8) technical universities were subjected to a staff audit which ended in October 2018, with the Minister of Education giving a directive on 21st December 2018 for Fair Wages and Salaries Commission to migrate ‘qualified’ staff to the public universities salary structure with immediate effect. 11’ this directive by the Minister of Education is anything to go by, the staff of Technical Universities should have been receiving public university emoluments since December 2018, at least. It must be emphasized that the staff of Technical Universities are yet to receive the sa1ary and conditions of service of public universities since the Minister’s directive. The Minister of education’s directive was not implemented.

Again, on the 6‘h of August 2019, the Minister of Finance directed the Contr011er and Accountant General’s Department to pay the requisite emoluments to the staff of Technical Universities with effect from 1st August 2019 To our disappointment the payment did not take effect as directed.

Unfortunately, the September 2019 salaries received do not reflect the pub1ic university pay structure.

You may not believe, that NCTE did staff audit and downgraded the ranks of some staff before their certificates were sent to NAB for verification to determine their status. so as We speak. qualified staff have been rendered unequalled but by the NAB verification, most of these do qualify. For instance, an associate professor has been downgraded to an Assistant Lecturer without the NAB evaluation report. This is an affront to fairness, due diligence and the labour law.

The NCTE as part of the migration process has reviewed the scheme of service of TUs above the standards in other public universities in Ghana. Indeed, an ‘iron fist” has been applied to TU standards, yet when it comes to receiving the emoluments of the University Lecturer it still remains a mirage. This flies in the face of natural justice and it has the capacity to kill the TU dream.

NCTE is still holding the NAB report in its bosom without any justifiable reason. We demand that it is immediately released for staff to know their fate in order to take the necessary steps to rectify their status. Bear in mind that affected staff were given only three years to upgrade or fulfil requirements.

Ladies and gentlemen it should be noted that TUTAG has been very cooperative and has fulfilled all conditions precedent for the implementation of conditions of service for public universities. However, the government has failed, refused or neglected to fulfil its part and this has generated uncontrollable tensions at various campuses.

In light of the above, TUTAG has been left with no choice but to embark upon an indefinite strike action to press home our demand on the government to implement the conditions of service of public universities for the staff of the Technical Universities and the release of the NAB report by NCTE.

Thank you.

Dr. Solomon A Keelson
(TUTAG -President)
0208150023, 0208172765


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