Gadangmes in support of Mad. Jean Naa Adukwei Mensa

Agoo! Agoo!! Agooo!!!
We the New Patriotic Party GaDangme Global Support, have noticed with sadness and regret, the recent spate of attacks on the person and integrity of the EC, an illustrious daughter of GaDangme, over concerns being expressed about the revision of the voters register. Whilst we respect the legitimate rights of individuals and groups to air their views over this matter, we find it absolutely deplorable and reprehensible that the person and integrity of the EC is being attacked, ridiculed, vilified and maligned in such a manner.

As GaDangmes with the interest of our sister and daughter at heart, we feel concerned and alarmed that an important national debate such as this has been turned into a crass and a vile campaign with unnecessary threats being issued against the person of the EC; Madam Jean Naa Adukwei Mensa. This situation does not augur well for the best interest of governance and the democratic culture we are seeking to build in Ghana, our motherland. We therefore urge all to desist from these vitriolic attacks with immediate effect.

GaDangmes continue to be catalysts of governance and the rule of law. Indeed the story of our national independence liberation cannot be written without the active participation of the GaDangme people. In consequence of this, we the GaDangmes have resolved to defend our own and extend a word of caution to the trouble makers of our land, that they should be very wary about tarnishing the dignity and integrity of Naa Adukwei Mensa. GaDangmes will not sit aloof and watch these enemies of peace continue to attack her personality. As the ancient adage points out, a child who deprives his/her mother of sleep will also not sleep. Hence, a word to the wise is enough.

Recently, we witnessed the bombastic threats issued against her life by one Apostle Kwabena Owusu Agyei. It is reassuring to note that the Ghana Police Service has swiftly dealt with this matter, and we are confident that the cause of justice will prevail.

We wish to state categorically that GaDangmes will not countenance or tolerate such irresponsible threats and the defamation of character projected on the EC. Anyone who wishes to disturb the peace
that we enjoy in this beloved country of ours through defamation of our sister and daughter, and by extension all GaDangmes, will be legally dealt with. We the GaDangmes, ask all and sundry to exercise restraint in their utterances and respectfully ask government to continue to ensure that the person and character of EC is adequately protected at all times.

To our mother, sister and daughter, Naa Adukwei, we the GaDangmes of the NPP over the past few years have witnessed you demonstrate an unwavering maturity through your excellent abilities in leadership.

It is admirable watching you convert pressure into productivity and skills into strengths. You are indeed an inspiration and an asset to our beloved nation. We are filled with exceeding joy knowing that you are our pride. As we support and acknowledge your efforts in your line of duty, we would like you to recognize that you are admired, appreciated, cherished, and loved. You are our treasure and nothing short of that.

The New Patriotic Party GaDangme Global Support, comprising of all GADANGMES both at home and in the diaspora, would like to express our unalloyed support for the EC, and pray the Almighty God and the
blessings of our ancestors to defend and protect her, and grant success for this important national exercise to proceed smoothly to its logical conclusion.

We also ask for blessings upon her tenure of office. We stand firmly behind you! The battle is surely the Lord’s.

God bless our homeland Ghana.
Tswaa omanye aba!
Convenors: Nii Naate Atswele Agbo Nartey and Becky Bondzie.


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