Man gets roasted for abandoning his paternal responsibilities in response to his own motivational post

A motivational speaker on Facebook “@JOSIAH TANDOH QUOTES” whose real name is alleged to be JOHNNY TANDOH gets roasted for abandoning his paternal responsibilities.

His contribution on a Facebook social group Tell It All (TIA) saying “NO ONE HAS EVER RECEIVED AN AWARD FOR BEST WEDDING. SO PLEASE, DON’T KILL YOURSELF WITH DEBT” was gaining recognition and likes until someone named Abena Claudia took to his comment section to somewhat remind him of his son whom he allegedly abandoned a decade ago. She claims the child is 9yrs old now and says even if he(Johny Tandoh) sees the child whom she refers to as a nephew, he’d pass by.

This has become the center of conversation on his post rather than the normal “nice one there!, Well spoken” amongst others.

His followers have shown their disappointments in him as well as threatening to “roast” him to go do the needful.

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