Potential Scam ALERT!!

We have noticed with great concern the huge business opportunity circulating concerning face shields.

I am professionally an IT specialist who has recently developed an interest in cybersecurity. As a side business, I have partnered with a few colleagues and have been selling PPEs.
Because we are into the PPE business, we get contacted by a lot of people.
This past week, my partners and I have received a ridiculous number of calls from people who want to purchase face shields ranging from 3,000 pieces to 30,000,000 pieces.

A lot of people have had calls asking for connections to get these face shields. They propose to buy each face shield between 12ghs and 15ghs. We (dealers in PPEs) usually retail these products between 30ghs to 50ghs. The wholesale price is double the price they want to buy from you.

The same scammers will tell you that they can supply you with whatever number of pieces of face shields you want at a very low price. The only problem is that they do not have it ready in stock and will arrive next week.
They will then ask you to deposit an amount of money for the products to be delivered to you. Immediately they persuade you to send whatever amount they can squeeze from you, that will be the beginning of your end.

I am not a prophet, but I sense a lot of people getting scammed in the coming days.
I foresee people not getting back their monies or face shields.
They have created their own demand just to dupe innocent people who want to do legitimate business.

Source: Nii Ankamah


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