The Enemy Within; Man Caught Poisoning Friend At A Restaurant. (Video)

We humans mostly think our worst enemies are strangers but actually, they are closer than we think in our friends and family.

Two friends went to a restaurant to have lunch together. The other friend decided to go to the restroom to urinate after a while. His other friend who sat there waiting for him quickly got up and put a substance suspected to be poison in his coca-cola drink.
Immediately he came back from the restroom, he picked up the drink to take another sip but an onlooker stopped him from drinking and rather asked him if he can make his friend drink instead before he continues.
It was then that the friend knelt down and started begging for mercy.
But the crowd were not having none of it.

Be careful of the people around you and in your circle.
Be careful of the people you call your friends.
Choose them carefully and wisely.

Story by DonCapo (

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