The Patriotic Voice: The other reasons beyond the taxes and the reality.

I have heard people complain about the cost of living. The taxes announced during the budget reading by the Majority Leader in Ghana’s parliament took effect from May 1, 2021.
The cost of living is not just down to the increase in taxes but things which have gone wrong. Governments everywhere in the world needs taxes to run the country… The other option is to borrow… Some have combined the two efficiently. Others have failed and continue to fail miserably….

It cannot be the case that the system is hard because of taxes.. That cannot be true. Nobody loves too much taxes… It is just hard to efficiently tax people where not more than 20% of graduates will have the chance of a decent shot at life by being employed..An employed man who leaves freely in a house without paying rent cannot pay property rates because he is not working. Because he doesn’t have a job, it might not be easy for a government to prosecute him…. Who can take him to court for his inability to pay his Property Rate? No one

The taxes in Ghana are not higher than those in most European countries… But the guy in London who works 3 jobs knows that though the taxes will take most of his earnings always, he is certain that the government and the system will use the taxes to take care of him by given him good roads, good health insurance, a measure of guarantee for employment, constant flow of electricity and water… He would pay a premium for rent and gas but wont complain… Why wont he complain?… He has a job to go to and that makes him feel human….

There are certain causes of our hardship…
For instance what is the cost of renting houses for High Court judges in the name of building a national cathedral and after almost 4 years we continue to pay for demolishing newly built houses.. Does it have any effect on the economy? What is the cost of constructing roads that are depleted with the onset of rains especially when we have to sink in money to repair them.. What is the cost of inflating contracts for the party man who contributed to the parties compaign? Some of these questions are the real reasons for our hardships. It has nothing to do with the taxes or maybe very little to do with same…

What is the cost of going for loans for Kufour’s affordable housing for NDC to neglect them for four years before attempting to fix them after 2012? What is the cost of Saglemi Housing to the economy when the houses continue to sit there for government to continue to service the loans with borrowed loans. What if we hard completed those houses and sold them out or even rented them out. The result is the hardship not necessarily the taxes….

The above are just few of the examples of the cancer that deliver hardship to us as Ghanaians. Mismanagement is the reason why we dey suffer not the taxes….. Every country needs taxes…The other option of borrowing is not sustainable and has never been.

As a country, we appear to optimally use strategy to win elections by employing every means possible… When we got an army of 100,000 people with NABCO, we werent too interested in building our country, we were interested in the chances of those 100,000 people voting for us to retain power. Today we cant even pay them. We promised them permanent jobs just before the elections.. Four months down the line, most of them have not been paid and the permanent jobs too Yaamutu..

How much was shared to some Ghanaians as Covid19 relief loans when we knew that we were not interested in recouping those monies…. We called everyone out to come receive money in the name of Covid when our real intention was to buy votes. What was the effect was the effect of that strategy on the economy. So we bought the votes and now we suffer… I won’t talk of the LEAP relief amidst Covid19 because Mr. Government and his army of political strategist knew the real motive for the naked money sharing…..

The role out for free SHS was roled out with the hope of political benefit. Dont deceive us. Our hope that, we will get the votes of parents and their children who benefited from free SHS in 2020 was the reason for the role out. The motive was comestic. It was the reason why we have to supervise a badly conducted exams for all of them to pass.. We even bought them past questions too and was happy to call them Akuffo Addo graduates… It went into their heads and some of them became angry because the apor did not come…

We can’t give up because the system is hard. The government must admit to the hardship that we face instead of concluding that those complaining about the hardships are disgruntled members of “all knowing neutrals” and members of the opposition who do not want the government to succeed…

The admission of hardship is difficult for government because of political punchlines like, “if the fundamentals are weak, the exchange rates will expose you”, “I have worked in the bank of Ghana before and l know the money is there, we dont need to borrow” etc etc.. But the happenings on social media and the reality that is known to government should motivate them to admit reality instead of the easy options. Admission of reality is not admission of failure. People will continue to feel the reality of their circumstances…

Frankie Degadzor
Youth Ambassador at Large

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