The Power Thirst

The land of Africa, our beloved continent is blessed with abundant natural resources, enough to make the continent rich and independent from any western influence…

But why is the black continent, Africa still poor ??
I guess you’ve been wondering why for so long right??
Well, I’m no expert or a connoisseur in African politics but I can share few cents of my thoughts with you today to help you draw your own conclusions. Mind you, these thoughts of mine may be unparallel but at the end of the day will connect a few dots of common sense understanding by the end of this article.
Our economic system and its reward set up is poorly placed if you ask me. Think of the world’s billionaires from America, South America to here even in Africa.

They had great business ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit. They also had the intelligence to match. Which the economic systems over there rewarded them with bountiful harvest of support and financial aid to help them permanently grow and establish their businesses. No hot pursuits for power and lobbying in political quarters for favours and business deals to support themselves up to the top.

I’m not blind, I know very well these things happen out there in the west too but they are barely minimal. Their economic system rewards meritocracy. Thus, earn based on merit.
Africa on the other hand is way different. You’ve got to get close or be in the corridors of politics to be able to make something major happen.

Why won’t our we and our politicians be corrupt and greedy in search of power so as to have access to wealth.
I’m inspired to write this article based on a break news item I chanced on on the internet this afternoon. That the Guinean president, 83 years old is seeking third term re election to power. Who got dethroned because of his greedy insatiable thirst for power.

The military raided his presidential palace. Fighting off his security guard before finally arresting him.

If this is isn’t greed in bouyant colors, please tell me what it is then?
Madiba, Kwame Nkrumah, Sekou Toure, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba and all the pioneer freedom fighters of Africa will be rolling in anger in their grave like crazy.
We take two steps forward as a continent and ironically take a million steps back because of the insane scramble for power.

You and me are no saints here either we cut and cross each other’s path just to get the higher echelons of power.
There’s no merit badge to hard work in Africa.
Intoxication of power and and money has swept through all of us like the hurricanes sweeping along the coasts.
We can all be tempted to be power drunk and corrupt. Because what makes a man fall with disgrace, you and I are not free from it yet.

So be mindful and until such time you can stand your ground to avoid such temptations.

Remember, they say power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I’m out.

Kwame Sarpong
Freelance Writer

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