Things a man should never do for a woman

In our current world most men fall in love with women and lose their heads. They end up doing things for the woman they love that a normal man would not do. Sometimes these things end up causing them a lot in the near future. As a man you should never do these 5 things to please a woman

• Pay her fees
It is entirely wrong to sponsor the education of a woman you love unless she is your wife. Do not feel compelled to take care of her education. It is good to help in small ways but to pay for everything is a big NO. Most women are ungrateful and may leave you for another man when they are done with school.

• Commit a crime
If she cannot keep up with her flashy lifestyle then please do not steal or engage in any illegal activity just to make her happy. As a good and responsible woman she should provide for herself and understand that money can be tight at a point in life. I can guarantee that she will leave you the moment you are arrested and will not even visit you in prison.

• Don’t put her needs before yours
A man should be a little selfish even though he loves the girl. Do not let her control you into doing everything she wants. She should be ready to understand and sacrifice. Buy that dress or watch you have always wanted. Do not use that money to take her out. Your happiness also matters.

• Don’t forget your dreams
You had your dreams and aspirations before you met her, do not forsake them in the name of love. If you want to travel abroad to further your education or work do it , do not stop because she is not comfortable with it. You may regret it in the near future If you let such an opportunity by pass.

• Don’t disown your family
A woman can manipulate you to disown your family members. . She may be the one you would want to start a family with but be mindful of the things she tells you especially when it negatively goes against your own family.

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