UTAG threatens another strike

Following the suspension of the strike action by the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) on the 18th August, 2021 the union had raised alarms over the likelihood of another strike action in the coming days.

This comes after both parties failed to accept each others demands at the negotiation table.
Government said it cannot negotiate the Interim Market Premium and Non Basic Salary Allowance but rather it can only negotiate the Book and Research Allowance (BRA) the association stated on Wednesday 22nd September, 2021.

UTAG however went on with the negotiation about the Book and Research Allowance but did not yield any positive outcome. This was a statement signed by Prof. Charles Marfo and Dr. Eric K.K Abavarethe, National President and National Secretary respectively.

The union also added that they are not “strike-happy” implying that they do not take any delight in embarking on strike actions but rather want better conditions of service so that the profession will be attractive for the youth and students who want to engage in it in the near future.

Godwin Adjaye (www.enmoregh.com)

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